It’s been a minute since I have written a blog. We opened back up and the business of being open and operating during COVID-19 took over. That is another blog entirely and I will get to it, but that is not what I want to talk about today. I read yet another fantastic MIBE (Make It Better Everyday) message from my friend and mentor, Anthony Lambatos, from Footers Catering in Denver, Colorado. Seriously – sign up for his weekly MIBE message, his words are gold and always thought-provoking. I read his MIBE message from last week (the inspiration for this post) and knew that I needed to do this same activity with our team. We brought our sales team back into the office this week on an alternating A/B schedule. This is the first time any of them have been at their desks or inside our doors since March 16th. I have a few tears in my eyes just thinking about the journey we have been on thus far.

Our Wonderful Sales Team

The last almost 5 months have been HARD. It is so easy to hyper-focus on all the negative things and how much our normal life has been disrupted, how our companies are struggling, how our industry has been decimated by something out of our control, how much we miss seeing our friends and family in person. The list goes on and on. Our professional world has been rocked to its core and so many days we end the day feeling the weight of how much longer it will take to get to the other side of this. It is hard. Life is hard right now. It has been hard to find my glass always full attitude every day. But right now, when things are hard, it is the most important time to be intentional about gratitude and the positive things in our lives. You might have to dig deep, but there is always something positive to find in all the negative.  My challenge to you is to answer this same question – What will you take with you when this is all over? Because it will be over someday and we all should find something to take with us that is positive to remind us of this struggle. I’ll go first and then continue with my whole team.

Silver Linings

“When this is over, I will take with me if my husband and I can survive working side by side through a global pandemic that is decimating our industry, sit at the same table in our home day in and day out, and deal with all the pressure this pandemic has caused us, and still laugh and smile every day, we can seriously survive anything. We will always be stronger together and I am so proud of him and us! And meal planning (I hate it) but it sure does make my life easier every day!” Lisa Ware – Director of Business Development

“I’m going to take my new sense of determination and motivation with me. I used to be very motivated by money, which I don’t believe is a bad thing at all. But now, I’m motivated by the thought that we are all one team. Rather than functioning as separate entities, we have all had to shift and flow with one another to make things work…and it has been quite inspiring. So, I will continue to let the team mentality push me forward.” Katie Free – Event Coordinator

“Definitely keeping the workouts – I’ve tricked out my basement as a gym, so no excuse! I’ll try to keep the more zenny Shannon around. I’ve grown fond of her.” Shannon Sherwood –Event Coordinator

“I will take with me the extended opportunity to spend more time with my family and my newborn baby girl!” Stacey Combrzynski – Event Coordinator

“Being more intentional with my work life, strengthening relationships with my significant other, creating lasting memories with friends and family, reflecting often and continuing to strive for progress, not perfection.” Tiffany Otis – Highland Park Country Club Event Coordinator

“Time is not guaranteed, we can’t get it back or purchase more. Value the time you spend hearing your friends laugh, value the time you put into your work, value the time you spend bettering yourself, value the time spent with loved ones. Most of us have had the time during quarantine to reflect on how you value time. I hope everyone is spending it wisely.” Nathan Printz – Event Coordinator

“Gratefulness changes everything. I find time to list or speak five things I am grateful for every day.” Megan Perigo – Event Coordinator

“Never take things for granted because you never know what life will bring you. No matter how complicated the relationship with your family is, in the end, it is YOUR family and you can always count on them when you expect it the least. And always remember about taking care of yourself and your well-being.” Marta Mardosz – Events at Independence Grove Event Coordinator

“When this is over, I will continue to make my family, friends, and happiness my first priority.” Jessica Wunschel – Event Coordinator

“What started as UGH!! My college kids are home to stay has turned into OMG, I have two amazing kids who I never had real time to get to know as well as I do now. Cooking together, meals together, playing games together, enjoying quality downtime alone and with them. Who knew I would ever have time to watch Netflix?? LIFE has become a clearer picture of what is important on a daily basis!” Michele Grossman – Event Coordinator

“What I want to remember going forward: You always have time for what you WANT to have time for. Make the little things a priority: morning coffee walks, intimate home-cooked dinners, picking up the phone to call family or even learning a new board game! I’ll continue to stop putting the small things aside for “bigger” plans, work emails, rushing from one thing to the next. The littlest moments with the closest of friends are the best memories. AND SLEEP. It’s oh so important.” Katie Thomas – Event Producer/Social Media Specialist

“One of the biggest silver linings I’ve kept with me is developing a method and thick skin for tough conversations. I’ve always dreaded being the bearer of bad news or approaching controversy, and while I am still not a fan of it, I like to think I’ve gotten a bit better and developed a thicker skin through these wild times. I am still not perfect but think my communication skills have grown! Also working from home! I was never good at studying or getting work done from home. I definitely have been able to find a good rhythm and flow while working from home!” Moriah Greenhill – Event Coordinator

“I realized how important my work family has become in my life. Not seeing them day after day and missing our casual conversations is something I will not take for granted when we are all reunited!” Nicole Marotta – Event Coordinator