It’s more about the journey for us, not just the destination.

Over the years, we’ve been extremely fortunate to have experienced expansive growth and are humbled by the recognition we’ve received in our pursuit of innovation and excellence. Our quest for knowledge and ingenuity is fueled by our innate desire to teach and learn.

Some of our most notable awards include:

4 time winner of Jean Banchet Award for Culinary Excellence

2019 Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Winner

2018 NICE
 Best Buffet Presentation

2018 CATIE
 Best Buffet Presentation “Food Truck Bar Mitzvah”
 Best Barbeque or Picnic Menu (Finalist)
Best Main Course Plate Presentation (Finalist)

2017 NICE
Best Creative Cocktail
 Best Catered Event (NFL Draft)
 Best Buffet Presentation
 Best Plated Presentation

2016 NICE
Best Buffet Presentation
 Best Plated Presentation
 Lifetime Achievement Award, David Sandler – Executive VP

2015 NICE
Best Green Event
 Best Creative Cocktail or Beverage Presentation
 Best Plated Presentation

2014 NICE
Best Green Event
 Best Catered Event, Off Premise
 Best Buffet Presentation
 Best Plated Presentation
 Best Logistical Achievement for an Event
 Best NICE Team Event with Kehoe Designs

2014 CATIE, Best New Food Concept

2013 NICE
— Best Catered Event, Off Premise $25K-$50K
 Best Catered Event, Off Premise, over $75K
 Best Buffet or Plated Presentation
 Most Creative Planned Meal
 Best Responsible Event

2013 ACE finalist

2013 CATIE, Best Plated Meal

2013 Esprit, Best Social Event Under $75K

2012 WeddingWire Brides Choice Award Winner

2009 ACE winner