There are a million ways to celebrate Father’s Day, but the best way is to simply spend time with the person you call “dad” or an important father figure in your life.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, it’s nice to know that dads are easy to please. Give them a hug and a decent meal, and they’ll be happy. But take that a step further with a catered feast fit for a king to show him how much he means to you.

For a stress-free celebration this Father’s Day, let Catering by Michaels take over the planning, cooking and cleaning, so that you can focus on celebrating! To plan the perfect Father’s Day brunch, start with his favorites.

But if you’re stumped for ideas, we have a few suggestions:

Building A Father’s Day Menu From Catering by Michaels

For Father’s Day, we’re featuring a special sandwich menu for dad: a robust chipotle chicken sandwich. Featuring grilled chipotle chicken, sweet roasted poblano peppers, pepper jack cheese, romaine lettuce, and chipotle mayonnaise on a miniature salted ciabatta square, this is a favorite of dads in the Catering by Michaels kitchen and offices!

Chipotle Chicken Mini Sandwich

Dad and your guests will also love the classic fried chicken sandwich with honey mustard sauce, lettuce, jalapeño coleslaw, and homemade pickles on pretzel flatbread. Or, try the piri-piri turkey sandwich made with smoked turkey breast, piri-piri sauce, avocado, sunflower seed aillade, tomato, mixed greens, and garlic aioli on a freshly baked herbed ciabatta roll.

Your Father’s Day brunch menu may also benefit from a grilled asparagus sandwich as a solid vegetarian option. Aside from the grilled asparagus, there’s sun-dried tomato, goat cheese, and lettuce on a miniature salted ciabatta square.

While sandwiches are a great option for dad and guests, sometimes, there’s nothing better than a selection of meats to choose from.

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Nothing says “summer” like a delicious barbecue. The kids play, while the adults get to catch up over some grilled goodness.

If it’s time to start planning your annual company barbecue, it’s a good idea to start with picking a caterer. When you work with Catering by Michaels, we act as complete event planners — handling all the details, so that you can relax and enjoy the resulting event.

Here are a few reasons why Catering by Michaels always puts on an awesome company picnic event:

We’ve Been in Business for a Long Time

Catering by Michaels has almost four decades of experience with picnic-style service. We’ll be celebrating our 40th year in the business in 2020!

We believe we’ve lasted so long in this business because of our distinct style for setting up picnics. For these types of events, we staff a live buffet setup with chefs at grilling stations, so that attendees can get menu items fresh off the grill. Event guests appreciate being able to see and smell their food being cooked.

We Know Our Food

We would never have lasted this long in the business if customers weren’t satisfied with the way we handle every aspect of the picnic planning process.

And when it comes to barbecues, we’re famous for our hamburgers: a proprietary blend that’s always prepared fresh and never frozen. We also bake our bread fresh everyday — not every catering company will go to the trouble.

One of our greatest strengths is our experience around making menu modifications (vegan, gluten-free, etc.) to accommodate special dietary restrictions. We’ve been doing meatless burgers before they even became a thing!

We’ll Do Everything We Can to Make Your Event a Success

Our picnic setups tend to be oriented for more of a corporate customer, but we do accept bookings for social barbecues or picnics under a normal catering booking.

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Catering By Michaels
April 30, 2019

Celebrating Mom this Mother’s Day!

April 30, 2019

Celebrating Mom this Mother’s Day!

Catering By Michaels

Where would we be without mom? She is there in the good times and difficult times. She nurtures us, supported us, loves us. We appreciate her 365 days a year.

But on Mothers Day, we can celebrate her!

Mothers Day is a time when we acknowledge her specialness and give her some well-deserved pampering, relaxation, and appreciation. A wonderful way to make the day special for her—and stress-free for you—is to let Catering by Michaels plan, cook, and deliver a marvelous brunch for your family and friends!

Our breakfast & brunch menu has a variety of options, including plenty of vegetarian, gluten-free, and healthy choices. You can choose a pre-planned package, such as European Delight, Magic Mediterranean, or Chicago Special.

Delicious Brunch Spread for Mother's Day

Brunch Ideas for Mother's Day in Chicago

You can also create your own menu with mom in mind by selecting items from our à la carte dishes. To find out what we have to offer, you can peruse our breakfast & brunch delivery menu or speak with one of our event coordinators by calling (847) 966-6555.

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Catering By Michaels
April 22, 2019

Celebrating Earth Day + Our Commitment to Sustainability

April 22, 2019

Celebrating Earth Day + Our Commitment to Sustainability

Catering By Michaels

Happy Earth Day!

When we’re preparing—or eating—delicious food, it can be easy to get lost in the moment and focus on the meal at hand. But on this Earth Day, we want to give a thought to minimizing our impact on the environment.

Catering by Michaels is proud to be the only caterer in North America which is both Green Restaurant certified and Green Seal certified. Why do we care about sustainability? Because let’s face it, it’s the right thing to do — not just for us, but also for our clients and humanity as a whole.


We are very conscious of the fact that our industry can be one of excess and waste. This is why the entire Catering by Michaels family feels a great responsibility to impact change and do our part to forge a greener future. Not only is it the right thing to do from a social and ecological standpoint, but it’s also a sound business decision.

Earth Day and Sustainability

Since the environment directly impacts the quality of the ingredients we have available to us, it’s quite evident that the more we take care of the earth, the more it will take care of us. We pride ourselves on using quality ingredients and sourcing them as locally as possible. Being conscious of our green footprint only helps to sustain those ingredients.

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Catering By Michaels
April 12, 2019

The Passover Seder: A Celebratory Meal

April 12, 2019

The Passover Seder: A Celebratory Meal

Catering By Michaels

Passover is an important holiday filled with celebration, family, and of course — delicious food.

For years, we have been catering all types of special Jewish occasions, like Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Passover (and we love catering special events, like Bar and Bat Mitzvahs!).

The Passover holiday will begin on April 20th, this year. The eight-day festival commemorated and celebrates the Jewish people’s freedom from slavery in Egypt.

Hosting Passover can require a lot of preparation and time in the kitchen. And extra time is a precious commodity that not many of us have. Instead of stressing over the menu and spending all day prepping and cooking, let us take care of this celebratory meal for you!

The Passover Meal: Traditional With A Twist

The Passover meal is an extremely important component of this particular Jewish holiday.

When the Jewish people left Egypt, they didn’t have time to wait for their bread to rise. The tradition of eating unleavened bread (or also known as Matzah bread) is one that has remained part of the meal.

It is with these traditions in mind, that we have crafted a specialized menu for the Passover holiday, which incorporates old tradition with a new twist of flavor.

Catering by Michaels Passover Menu

The Seder Plate is an integral part of a Passover meal. During this celebration, Catering by Michaels offers a traditional Seder Plate with enough to accommodate 10 guests. Each item on the plate is significant in terms of what it symbolizes.

Our Passover menu offers all seder plate ingredients, including:

  • Zeroa (roasted lamb shank bone)
  • Maror (fresh horseradish)
  • Haroset (3 oz per person)
  • Roasted Eggs (1 per 10 guests)
  • Hard Boiled Eggs (1 per 10 guests)
  • Prepared White Horseradish

In addition to more traditional items, such as Matzo Balls, Chicken Soup, Homemade Haroset, and Gefilte Fish, we also offer modern takes on these dishes, like Honey Pecan Matzo Crusted Chicken, Horseradish Encrusted Salmon Filets, and Vegetable Matzo Lasagna.

Browse our complete Passover menu for more ideas and to plan your feast!

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