Life during COVID can feel stressful and isolating. So during this holiday season, responsible gatherings can be a soothing balm. We know the recent resurgence of the virus may curtail many plans, but small groups of vaccinated and tested friends and family can still come together to celebrate the gifts we still possess. One thing COVID has given us is a renewed focus on all the non-material abundance in our lives: family, friends, and co-workers.

Winter Holiday 2021


The True Meaning

Winter Holiday 2021

The phrase “the true meaning of Christmas” gets bandied about so often that it is easy to lose sight of its significance. All winter holidays are an opportunity for us to examine and celebrate our connections with others. At their heart, winter holidays are a celebration of lights. We see those lights as representing each and every connection in our lives. They twinkle and sparkle, shining through the darkness. Guiding us. Reminding us that the most precious gift we can give is the gift of love. Each holiday light we see may be the laughing eyes of a baby, the supportive help of workplace teammates, the calming touch of grandmothers, the pride of parents, the smile on a dog.

When Catering is More than Catering

Winter Holiday 2021

Our entire Catering by Michaels family is proud to be a part of your holiday celebrations. Yes, we deliver delicious food, but we feel we deliver so much more. We deliver an opportunity for you to spend more time with those you love and less time in the kitchen. We are humbled to know that many people consider our food an essential part of their annual holidays. Each and every one of our customers, our work family, and our work family’s family are our twinkling lights. Food is essential. It is inexorably tied to good times and comfort, to times of plenty. When we eat together, we share a commonality. We share moments with every morsel, every bite. When we gather together around the table, we know we are stronger together than COVID will ever be.

We Deliver Food, You Deliver Action

We love to serve you, but we still need your help to keep our doors open and keep your tables full. No matter how busy local caterers and restaurants like ours may seem, the outlook for our industry is dire. Over 21 months (and counting!) of pandemic struggle cannot be erased with a few weeks of “business as usual.” And with the Omicron variant wreaking havoc, our industry once again is on the brink of devastation. Every day we struggle with labor shortages, supply chain issues, and general uncertainty.

The hard truth is that our businesses will not survive without help from Congress—and from you.

Earlier this year, Congress passed the $28.6B Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) to support our industry. Sadly, the funds ran out and 177,000 businesses that qualified for funding were left out. We need Congress to finish the job and replenish the fund to ensure our industry will survive and thrive. Food-related businesses like ours support 16M American livelihoods, and 90% of the money we make goes right back into the communities we love to serve.

Tell Congress to #ReplenishRRF. Visit for more information on how you can help.