March Madness is here! Are you ready to get crazy?

The next four weeks will have you running through all of your emotions in short succession: screaming, laughing, and crying.

It’s all part of the process of determining who will be the next NCAA basketball champions. And if you are going to make it through the championship game, you’ll need to provide fuel for your viewing party guests.

The best way to do that is to have a fantastic line-up — of treats! Doing this will keep everyone energized, focused, and sharp throughout the game.

Here are our picks for five easy-to-make snacks that everyone will love. You’ll have a big win with these refreshments, even if your team loses.

#1: Chicken wings

When it comes to game day parties, you’ve got to consider chicken wings.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

When the game gets intense and tensions run high, a savory, succulent chicken wing is just the thing to reach for. With a world of saucing options, the flavor possibilities are endless.

#2: Pizza

If you want to relive your college days for your party’s theme, pizza is the perfect snack. It will trigger great memories of the days when funds were low and late-night study sessions when pizza was prime for midnight snacking.

Stick with the theme by having ice-cold beer to wash it down and get everyone ready for the next round.

Friends enjoying pizza and beer

#3: Nachos

Nachos are an excellent gameday snack. They’re easy to serve and chow down on in the heat of an intense game.

On top of that, nachos are quick to make and you can use a variety of ingredients without worrying about precise measurements. Simple and easy — so you can focus on the game.

#4: Pigs in a Blanket (Or as We Call Them, Petite Pups!)

When your team scores, these pigs won’t fly out of your guest’s hands. They’re the perfect handheld snack for game day.

Petite pups/pigs in a blanket

They’re also tasty and with just two ingredients, pigs in a blanket come together easily.

#5: Ice cream

As the temperature warms up (outside and during the game), you might crave something to cool you off.

Whether on a cone, in a milkshake, or straight from the carton, we all love ice cream. During game time, it’s best served sandwiched between chewy cookies, which makes it a great handheld dessert.

Final thoughts: You can always score at home

Watching the game at a bar can be overwhelming.

If you want a slightly more peaceful version of March Madness (depending on the rivalries between your guests), why not invite a couple of friends over to make it a party at your place? No expensive beer or lazy snacks: just a comfortable spot on the couch and a whole lot of fun.

At Catering by Michael’s, our job is to ensure you don’t miss a minute of the game. If you’d rather relax and enjoy instead of worrying about snack preparations, have a look at our menus and create your own game day spread. We deliver to all of Chicagoland’s sports fans.