Work, travel, and busy schedules have probably made it harder for you and your family and friends to stay in touch. Everyone is biding their time, waiting for the holiday season when they can all get together.

Unless it’s a costume, you don’t want your apron hanging from your neck this Halloween. It’s been a busy year and with the holiday season just around the corner, it will only get busier.

Spooky Halloween parties are great reconnecting opportunities. Set up your family and friends for this experience by choosing Catering by Michaels as your holiday event planner. We have fun and creative ideas that will keep up the creepy theme, usher in the holiday spirit, and make the experience uniquely yours.

Let’s see how many of your co-workers can stomach treats designed like snakes, eyeballs, spiders, mummies, and all sorts of monsters!

Cake Pops Hand Decorated for HalloweenMummy Halloween CookiesDelicious Halloween Treats

Freshly prepared food for your guests

Your party planning starts with setting the menu. The food items you serve your guests will have a great impact on how the whole experience turns out. Are you going to serve hot or cold foods? Is the food adult-oriented or focused on the children?

Our event and culinary team can help you put together a great menu attending to all tastes at the party. We have various options, such as hot and cold foods, sweet and savory treats, and we can theme your menu according to your guests: adults, children or a mix of both.

We always use fresh, seasonal ingredients and if anyone should have allergies (or other dietary restrictions), we can accommodate them and make sure no one misses out on the fun.

Catering by Michaels will go all out with unique ideas to fill your party table with much more than pumpkins and candied apples. We have a wide variety of themed food options and a creative staff that will be sure to trick and treat your guests.

Spooky Halloween Themed Appetizers and Finger Foods

Fun drinks and BOOtiful displays

Whether you’re going for a spooky-themed, adult-oriented, or a fun costume party for children, we’ll match your drink menu to the food. We can plan for bar service and have a bartender present to make the drinks for you and your guests. Our staff will help you come up with great drink ideas and our professional bartenders will allow you to kick back and enjoy this wonderful time with your family and friends.

Some popular drink ideas include witch’s brew, Vampiro, spiked coffee, Negroni, Kir Royale, dark chocolate martini, and spooky wormy ice cubes to add to the fun. We also have a selection of non-alcoholic drinks including tangled web shakes and candy corn drinks.

Hand decorated cookies and drinks for Halloween party

Beyond the food and drinks, our full-service catering team can also help you with decorating your venue to match the Halloween theme.

We provide linens, utensils, and displays for your party. As Chicago’s go-to catering company, we have relationships with many other local companies such as taxi and limo services, furniture and equipment rental companies, and music and entertainment providers.

Just tell us what you need and we’ll help you make it happen.

Worry-free Catering by Michaels

You’ve probably thought it through to the end. Of course you have. If the party turns out to be a bust, guess whose reputation is on the line!

You don’t have to worry. Catering by Michaels will take care of the details to make sure you enjoy your party like everybody else. Contact us today to book full-service catering and we’ll help you plan the best Halloween party your guests have seen!