We’re sad to see it go, but the summer is almost over. Now, it’s time for beautiful fall which will shortly lead to what’s sure to be another cold winter in Chicago. But we’re not letting inevitability get us down! Instead, we choose to focus on the fun side of fall and winter — holiday parties. But we get a lot of customers who come to us hoping to really spice things up. The fact is, most holiday parties suck. But yours doesn’t have to. Be the office hero, and give this list to your boss or whoever’s in charge of your holiday work party.

Here are 5 holiday work party ideas that don’t suck.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

The best part about white elephant gift exchanges are that nobody knows what to expect. Instead of picking something out for a specific person (who you may not know well enough to adequately gift), everyone who wants to participate brings something fun. It’s easy for anyone to participate – the budget is set at a low monetary amount across the board (usually $10-20). Brit.co put together a massive list of white elephant ideas if you’re running low and need inspiration.

Costume or Fancy Theme Party

If you work in a casual environment, it can be nice to dress up. One of our favorite tips on the holiday work party ideas that don’t suck list is encouraging people to dress up nice. Or wear costumes! Either way, it gives everyone the chance to see their coworkers in a new light. Bonus points if you get a photobooth – those pictures will get shared all over social media and hold a special place on people’s desks.

Party During Work (Instead of After)

The number one holiday work party idea that doesn’t suck? Hosting a party during work hours, instead of after. Sometimes this isn’t possible, or it changes the experience you’re going for, but trust us – your employees will thank you. During the holiday season, the last thing most people want to do is spend more time at work (even for fun!) and you might find that your party conflicts with employees friends and family parties.

Off-Campus Party

Sometimes moving things outside of work is the best way to turn a holiday work party around. Catering by Michaels has plenty of local venue partners if you need help organizing an off-campus event, but we can work with any situation.

Cater it!

As human beings, the way to most of our hearts is through our stomachs. So here’s a tip that applies not just to holiday work party season, but any time during the year. Surprising employees with a delicious catered meal does a lot of good for employee morale. Corporate catering for the holidays with our customers usually covers anything from team or department holiday lunches to large-scale company parties. If your event could be enhanced with food, we can create a spread that suits the occasion! Check out our delivery and full service menus to get a taste of what Catering by Michaels can do for your holiday work party. 

Which of these holiday party ideas could you see happening at your company? We would love to help take them from dream to reality, with special treats to complement your theme. If you want to explore the possibilities, get in contact!