Have you met David (“Dave”) Sandler? He insists that he’s a boring guy, but interviewing him led to a lot of interesting industry insights, not to mention some great suggestions regarding proper storage of cheese and how to use different types in the perfect homemade macaroni and cheese dish.

Dave Sandler is the Executive Vice President of Catering by Michaels, and has been involved with the company from a very young age. It’s pretty safe to say that working here is something that will never change!

What did you do before working at Catering by Michaels?

Honestly, I’ve worked here more or less my whole life, originally starting when I was 12. I’ve done other things, like when I went away to college (where I ran a local restaurant and bar program), but all of my jobs have been in this field. For the most part, Catering by Michaels has been my career.

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