Leading Caterers of America is an exclusive group of caterers, considered to be at the highest level of service and knowledge in North America. Catersource magazine, a catering industry professional’s leading B2B publication, is in charge of the selection process to become a part of this group. Besides being a leader in their respective market, a member of the Leading Caterers of America must also be a trendsetter. They contribute, in some way, useful knowledge gained by following industry best practices and pioneering new trends to the rest of the catering industry.  Catering by Michaels is honored to be a member of the Leading Caterers of America.

Here’s exactly what it means to be a member of this truly prestigious group.

About the Leading Caterers of America

The Leading Caterers of America group was founded at Catersource in 2007, as a part of the Top Gun Roundtable. The Top Gun Roundtable is a CEO roundtable group dedicated to raising standards in the catering industry.

In 2011, the group fully became the Leading Caterers of America as we know them today, and expanded to incorporate several different pieces:

  • Sales
  • Management
  • Culinary networks

The members of this group are considered to be the largest and most successful caterers in their geographical markets within North America. To be admitted to the group, an invitation is extended by the LCA Steering Committee and the Executive Director. At this time, an invitation is the only way to become a member of the Leading Caterers of America, and this process shows no sign of changing.

There are currently 56 members in the US and Canada – quite a close knit and prestigious group! Members looking to meet each other and share knowledge can do so at the exclusive annual conference for Leading Caterers of America members.


There are no cut and dry rules to becoming a member of the Leading Caterers of America, but there are a couple of guidelines that can help a company determine whether they might be eligible. Ultimately, you must prove your creativity and knowledge of best practices in the catering industry. You’ll be considered based on the results of these actions, so you must act like a leader to have a chance at membership. Another important consideration is client feedback. You can’t have an amazing catering company unless customers are thrilled with you! Before receiving an invitation, members have to pass through a rigorous evaluation and peer review.

As part of this elite group, Catering by Michaels has proven to be a topnotch caterer that consistently delivers:

  • Superior/quality service
  • Impressive presentation at events
  • Great culinary skills

The benefit to companies who host events in multiple cities across the country is that they can use LCA members and expect a consistent experience, while still working with independent caterers rather than large national conglomerates.

As if that wasn’t enough, being a member of the Leading Caterers of America isn’t the only special recognition that Catering by Michaels has received! Our pursuit of innovation and excellence has led to a lot of recognition and prestigious awards in the catering industry.

With that in mind, we would love to show you the superior level of service and quality we provide each and every one of our customers. Get in touch if you’re planning an upcoming event and want to impress your attendees!