Certified Catering Consultants is a team of experts that represent the leading authorities on catering, both nationally and internationally. Catering by Michaels is proud to employ a member of this elite group, our very own Director of Operations, Jeff Ware.

We connected with the Managing Director of Certified Catering Consultants, Carl Sacks, to learn more about what it means to be a Certified Catering Consultant, and why they’re valuable to catering businesses.

To you, what does it mean to be a Certified Catering Consultant?

We call the entity Certified Catering Consultants to emphasize that we are catering industry specialists. There are many generic hospitality consultants, but we are experts in this specific hospitality niche. We also evaluate any consultant before they join our team — that’s what certification refers to.

The criteria we use for certification include experience as a senior executive in the industry, years consulting for the industry, presentations at industry conferences, publication in industry journals, and education.

How did Certified Catering Consultants get started?

CCC is the successor organization to the Catersource Consulting Unit. CCU was in existence for almost 25 years until the UK-based owners of Catersource made the decision that they didn’t see consulting fitting into their business model. Catersource continues to support us, and refers us inquiries that come through Catersource.

What are some of the top achievements consultants have helped caterers with?

We have helped many caterers improve both their top and bottom line operating results. We have resolved many seemingly intractable personnel and operational problems that caterers have come to us with.

We have assisted in managing large events for clients. We have worked on a substantial number of sales-related challenges. We have taken on the task of helping to manage catering companies on an interim basis. We have helped many caterers improve their crucial information technology systems. We have helped a number of clients successfully bid on important venue and event contract.

Why are consultants valuable to catering?

Certified Catering Consultants provide a number of the following benefits to clients:

  • Specific expertise
  • Objectivity
  • Change Implementation
  • Connections
  • Teaching/training skills
  • Data access
  • Problem Solving

What are some of the typical problems they help people solve?

Certified Catering Consultants’ team has dealt with practically every issue a caterer will face, and has the knowledge to help the client to a successful resolution. The services page on our website provides a comprehensive look at the type of projects clients typically hire us for.

How did Certified Catering Consultants become a leading authority on catering?

Among the CCC consultants we have well over 100 years of experience. Catering is a field in which you aggregate knowledge and expertise over the years, and we have done exactly that.

How do you stay fresh and relevant within the industry?

We learn from our clients as much as they learn from us. Our relationship with Catersource and other industry trade organizations also provides us with a constantly refreshed resource on what is new in the catering trade.

Huge thank you to Carl Sacks for sharing so much insight with us. Want to learn more? Check out Certified Catering Consultants website for more on their expertise.