Although you should always appreciate the maternal figures in your life, we designate a special day each year to show just them how much we care. Whoever you’re honoring on Mother’s Day 2020, celebrations will certainly look different in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mother's Day During COVID-19

The virus may have temporarily paralyzed the world and put people in quarantine, but it hasn’t affected people’s creativity or capacity to show love.

Find some inspiration with these innovative ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, even when you’re apart:

Send Mom Her Favorite Meal

All the extra indoor time has people learning new skills, including cooking. If you’ve discovered your inner Gordon Ramsey during lockdown, why not show off those new skills by surprising mom with a home-cooked meal? Leave it on her doorstep along with a card — it will surely make her day!

But if cooking isn’t really your thing or you live far away, you can alternatively arrange for her favorite meal to be delivered. You’ll simultaneously support a local business and put a smile on Mom’s face.

Catering by Michaels is offering a special Mother’s Day brunch menu but we can work with you to create a customized menu featuring your mother’s favorite foods.

Make a Tribute Video

While Mom is missing togetherness time with the whole family, she may be spending some time watching old home movies. Why not create a video montage or slideshow to show your mom how much you appreciate her? You and your siblings can record messages and funny stories to compile into a special Mother’s Day 2020 video. Take it a step further by preparing funny skits or recreating home videos from your childhood.

Give Her a Video Call

For families living apart, video communication tools like Zoom, Skype, and Facetime have been a godsend during quarantine. Video calls aren’t a substitute for your loved one’s physical presence, but they can certainly help keep the loneliness at bay.

For Mother’s Day this year, take it up a notch by setting up a Skype or Zoom party. Order food for yourself and Mom, then share this meal together via video call. If you want a bigger celebration, get the rest of the family in on the party and celebrate together with a big group video call.

Do a Social Distancing Drive-By

If you live within driving distance of your mother, consider a socially distanced visit. Complete the surprise drive-by with posters and balloons. If you have the talent (or a sense of humor about your lack thereof) serenade her from outside the home. It will certainly be a Mother’s Day to remember!

Make the surprise sweeter by arranging an outdoor picnic — seated six feet apart, of course.

Spend Quality Time Together

If you live in the same house, plan to spend the day together, without distractions. Participate in an activity together (preferably one that does not involve screens!) that you can bond over, like painting or baking. Better yet, ask Mom to teach you a skill she has, or vice versa. You’ll learn something new and spend quality time with each other — something that every mom appreciates more than anything.

Final Thoughts: Celebrating Mother’s Day in the time of COVID-19

Social distancing does not have to put a damper on your Mother’s Day celebrations. All it takes is the desire to show your appreciation and a little creativity. If you’re looking for assistance with culinary creativity, contact Catering by Michaels. We’ll help you show Mom just how special she is to you.