My name is Lisa Ware and I am the Director of Business Development & Special Projects at Catering by Michaels. I have been writing each week about our journey through COVID-19. If you have not yet read the previous episodes – be sure to start from the beginning!

COVID Pandemic Response at CBM

The Abrupt Shutdown

We all arrived to work the Monday after our all-team meeting and the day started out like usual – for about an hour until we realized that we actually have to figure out how to abruptly shut down our business. The scramble began. We close our business for a few days every January to give our team a much-deserved break after the insane hustle of the month of December, but we do not actually fully shut down, more like a deep clean. This was a true shut down – of everything. Let’s talk about the first layer – events needed to be rescheduled, deliveries needed to be canceled, 200+ employees needed help filing for unemployment, all the questions from our team needed to be answered, our initial policy for how we were going to handle what would be hundreds of rescheduled events needed to be made, the templates for our sales team needed to be written so we were sending out universal messaging to all clients, our offices and kitchen needed to be deep cleaned, signs needed to be made for all the doors saying we were closed, vendors needed to be notified, deliveries needed to be canceled and the kitchen needed to be shut down. More on the kitchen soon. That could be an entire blog.

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My name is Lisa Ware, and I am the Director of Business Development & Special Projects at Catering by Michaels. Sharing our journey through COVID-19 certainly falls under one of those “special projects.”  Let me first say these are blog posts we never wanted to write, but we feel it is necessary, helpful, and therapeutic to share our journey!

It’s our hope that what we’ve learned—and continue to learn—can help someone else. Perhaps it’s comforting to hear we are going through the same things you or your company are experiencing. At the very least–as a member of CBM’s Crisis Management Team–it is therapeutic to write these blog posts and share our journey!

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