From acclaimed events designer and tastemaker Tom Kehoe comes The Geraghty, a sophisticated and diverse space intent on redefining the standard for custom event venues. Located in the up-and-coming Pilsen neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, it is the perfect place for all your social events.

With his background as an event designer, Kehoe has brought together everything you need to pull off a flawless event. From the size and design of the place, to the smallest decor details, The Geraghty’s purpose is to make events easier to plan and manage. 

Designed by industry visionaries, The Geraghty was built to be fully customizable: the perfect backdrop for event designers to execute any vision. But even if you don’t have an event designer in mind for an event you want to plan, there’s no need to worry.

The Geraghty is owned by a decor company that offers in-house separators and drapes that you can hang from their 22-foot ceilings to change up how different rooms are defined for specific events. The 25,000 square feet of open space can seat 800 guests comfortably and can fit up to 1000 standing guests or more (with the right permits).

Beautiful indoor space for weddings, corporate and social events

Visit The Geraghty on a normal day and you’ll be impressed by the modern industrial feel of the place.

When you walk in, you’ll be greeted with giant chandeliers in mixed metal at the entryway. Walk into the event space itself and you’ll find high-end decor, custom chandeliers, and lounge furniture that you can also use for your event. 

The Geraghty's state-of-the-art technology venue

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