With so many different components that make up your catering costs, it’s important to understand them and the direct impact they can have on your budget.

To help you start planning, we’ve outlined each of them below. Your Event Coordinator will also review these with you to help determine not only what’s best for your event, but also what will realistically fit within the budget that you’ve set.


All menus are custom, from the food and number of courses to the style in which your guests will be served. The service style you choose will have a direct impact on your budget, as it will determine the staff-to-guest ratio required to successfully run your event. So remember, the more complex your menu, the more staff will be required. Labor costs can play a significant role in increasing your costs.


We bring the kitchen and staff to you and can easily cater at any location. Various charges may apply based on the actual venue you select, so it's important to understand what is and what isn't included in your rental fee. For example, certain venues include parking, while others don't and require valet service at an additional cost. You'll also want to inquire if your venue includes tables and chairs or beverage service. Having these items included with your venue rental can help lower your catering budget.


The length of your event will have a direct impact on your budget. While most events typically last anywhere from 3-4hrs, a wedding can be 5-6hrs or even longer. Choosing to extend the length of your event can significantly increase your labor costs, as well as costs associated with extending food and beverage offerings during this time.


Most serveware and linens are included in our menu pricing as a savings to you, but may vary based on the menu style that you select. We offer a wide selection of tables and chairs, as well as upgraded décor and lighting at an additional cost. We work with only the best florists, event planners, photographers, and valets to help streamline your costs and ensure a stress free experience.


The next consideration in planning your budget is the type of beverages you’d like to offer. Options include a full bar, beer and wine, non-alcoholic, and coffee or tea service. The most important consideration is whether or not to offer alcohol, as it will obviously have the largest impact on your costs. Consult your Event Coordinator to determine what’s ultimately best for your event and your budget.


We know how difficult it can be to build a thorough and realistic catering budget.

While final costs will vary based on the style and details of your event, we’ve put together the per guest estimates below to get you started. As always, we’re happy to work with you to create a custom proposal to meet your specific budget needs.


Our custom wedding menus start at $120.00 per guest. Pricing includes passed appetizers, a gourmet three course meal, culinary and wait staff, china, flatware, glassware, and linens. Pricing does not include tables, chairs, and beverages or bar service.


We offer a variety of different catering packages based on your preferred menu style. The below per guest estimates include a custom menu, culinary and wait staff, food service ware, and linens. Pricing does not include tables, chairs, and beverages or bar service.


Starts at $105/pp (average cost $150/pp)


Starts at $110/pp (average cost $155/pp)

Chef Stations

Starts at $125/pp (average cost $175/pp)

Family Style

Starts at $120/pp (average cost $160/pp)

Cocktail Reception (Passed)

Starts at $65/pp (average cost $80/pp)

Cocktail Reception (Grazing Station)

Starts at $55/pp (average cost $75/pp)

Kiddush Luncheon

Starts at $70/pp (average cost $85/pp)